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Behind the Bars

At the end of 2019 we reached out to our incredibly talented dear friend Casey Leigh Reiki, who's an incredible intuitive Tarot reader and Reiki master/teacher, to see if she would team up with us to create something deeply authentic. With her extensive knowledge of all things astrology and our ability to create products that are both beautiful, healing and personally connected, together we created;

The Collective  🌙

Our Collective line is an intimate series of hand crafted, crystal infused specialty soaps that cater to each of the twelve zodiacs.
Every detail that inspired The Collective crystal zodiac line are created with your personal sign in mind; from the colors, to the scents, and of course, the mesmerizing crystals - every element is chosen to deepen your connection & better guide you on your healing journey.

After immense research on the best & worst qualities pertaining to each of the signs, we made sure to infuse the crystal most suited to help YOU.
To ensure you're truly leveling up your self care game, we've also individually cleansed & charged every bar with the healing energy of Reiki!



 All items are made for intention based magic, we do not guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

Though it is believed that with the aid of specific ingredients and stones, we can conjure up something powerful together - your true magic comes from within.

That Crystal Queen is made with naturally derived ingredients which may cause rare sensitivity in certain individuals. Always spot test before using any of our products!
If sensitivity occurs, please discontinue use. That Crystal Queen is not liable for any allergens, reactions, or any occurrences triggered by our products.

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