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Field of Dreams Bath Soak
  • Field of Dreams Bath Soak

    Are you searching for peace?


    Submerge yourself into a warm bath with our Fields of Dreams salt bath soak and witness all your tension melt away.


    Allow its aroma of lavender and sweetened lemons carry you into remarkable grace and serenity. Infused with Blue Lace agate, this gentle calming stone is excellent for anxiety relief. Connecting with the throat Chakra, this crystal can also aid in open and honest communication helping us find the right words to express to ourselves as well as to others. It teaches us that words create reality and so we should strive to use words that are kind and wise. Great for meditation and helps us communicate with the angelic realms and our own spirit guides.






    Ingredients: (1) Tumbled stone, dead sea salt, epson salt, hemp seed oil, essential oil blend, dried lavender buds, cruelty free mica, biodegradable glitter.




    Warning: contacting small piece, keep away from small children.

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