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Lather with Magic


~ Welcome To The Self Lovin' Coven ~

That Crystal Queen was created in 2017 by Michayla in her kitchen.

A one woman show, brewin' up small batch occult inspired Crystal infused products.

Michayla developed a love for Self Care Magic during a time in her life when she needed it the most and to this day she brings that same energy of love and compassion every time she creates her specialty products.

On a deeper level, we're all at war with something in one way or another; whether we express it out loud or walk the battlefield alone. With these enchanted creations, we want to offer more than just your average body product, but a new way to enhance your life with a full magical experience. All of our euphoric aromas forms unbreakable bonds between you and your higher self, they will evoke powerful memories, and take you to new mystical realms by connecting your senses with our hand selected scents, crystals and oils. She aims to bring you deeper connections.

Wake up and realize that you're capable of anything with the right mindset and support.

As a proud Witch, Michayla has been drawn to the path since she was a little girl, introduced by her mother.

She holds a deep appreciation for energies within our homes and how they greatly impact our overall well-being. She believes that cleansing our bodies with products infused with hand-picked crystals, as well as quality, well thought out beneficial ingredients we can improve ourselves on the inside while caring for the outside as well.

Cleanse with intention is a way of life, not just some cleaver tagline.

The aim is to make you not only look good, but to truly feel good as well.

As within, so without.



Every one of these products are from her home to yours, designed and crafted by hand, so each one is unique.

Each stone picked gets cleansed & charged before they are embedded.

- vegan & cruelty free -


(( WARNING: Use caution with small children! These contain tumbled stones inside which can become a choking hazard if left unattended. ))

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